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Limited 12-Month Appliance Warranty

Sunlights Balayage, Inc. (‘Sunlights’) offers a Limited Warranty for twelve (12) months after the purchase of a Cheveux™ by Sunlights® Professional Grade 2000W Hair Dryer (‘dryer’) to the original end-use consumer of dryer, provided the product was purchased from an Authorized Dealer, as defined below. The warranty applies only to the original end-use consumer and does not extend to any other persons or transferee.


‘Authorized Dealer’ means a distributor or retailer that was duly authorized by Sunlights at the time of the sale to sell authentic Sunlights dryers in the jurisdiction where the product was sold, and that the product was sold in a new, unused condition in its original packaging.

‘Intended Use’ means use of dryer:

(a) Within a private home or dwelling or in a salon;

(b) In conformity with all applicable state, local and federal law, codes and regulations (including without limitation building and/or electrical codes, including provisions regarding proper electrical grounding); and,

(c) In accordance with Sunlights’ directions, instructions, and/or warnings, in the materials and documentation that accompany the product.

‘Manufacturing Defects’ are defined as defects in the dryer resulting from or during the manufacturing process. Such defects include dryer not turning on (defective switch), not heating, various buttons or functions not working, or other defects attributable to the manufacturing process. Manufacturing Defects DO NOT include normal wear & tear, misuse, abuse, or use of dryer for other than its Intended Use. DAMAGE DUE TO DROPPING DRYER, EXPOSING IT TO MOISTURE OR FROM FAILING TO PROPERLY MAINTAIN AND CLEAN DRYER ARE NOT MANUFACTURING DEFECTS AND ARE NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY.

Scope of Limited Warranty

Sunlights provides a Limited Twelve (12) Month Warranty against Manufacturing Defects for authentic Sunlights dryers. If the dryer contains a Manufacturing Defect at the time of purchase, from an Authorized Dealer, Sunlights, in its sole discretion, will:

  1. Sunlights reserves the right to inspect any dryer subject to a warranty claim to determine, in its sole discretion, whether the claimed defect constitutes a Manufacturing Defect or otherwise. You may be asked to send the defective product to Sunlights at your expense for an inspection and determination.
  2. If it is determined that the dryer is subject to a warranty claim due to a Manufacturing Defect, Sunlights will provide a replacement dryer equal to the purchase price of the original dryer and ship to you at Sunlights’ expense. Sunlights may request additional evidence to prove nonuse of defective dryer.
  3. For all other defects occurring during the twelve (12) month limited warranty period, that do not constitute Manufacturing Defects, as determined by Sunlights, in its sole discretion, Sunlights may provide a one-time, partial credit, of up to fifty percent (50%) of the MSRP or purchase price, of the product, for use towards the purchase of another dryer in its online store, in Sunlights sole discretion.

All Warranty Credits, or other credits, are issued in the form of a store credit, and may be used towards the purchase of another Sunlights dryer on the Sunlights online store only. Warranty or other credits must be used within one (1) year of issuance.

Please note that Sunlights’ dryers are subject to change and availability, and the exact model and style of a dryer being replaced may not be available as a replacement for any product at any given time.


Dryer misuse, abuse, use for other than its Intended Use, dropping, exposure to moisture, or malfunctions due to failing to properly maintain or clean a dryer are NOT manufacturing Defects and are NOT covered by warranty.

Limited Warranty Registration Requirement

A dryer MUST be registered on within fifteen (15) days of its authorized purchase to activate this warranty. There are no costs associated with registration. If warranty registration is not completed within specified timeframe, warranty becomes automatically VOID.

Return Policy

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Please read and consider our Limited Warranty in full before deciding to make a purchase.


Your dryer does not contain any serviceable parts. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SERVICE OR REPAIR.

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions of Sunlights Limited Twelve (12) Month Appliance Warranty are subject to change, without notice.